Lab Results

We make sure all products are lab tested by a third party for compliance and safety. Browse below for quick access to our lab reports for every product.



Hopefully Hemp

Abacus Diesel

Wedding Cake

Honolulu Haze

Indoor Cali Gold

Purple Haze

Orange Crush

Fruit Loops

Sour Lifter

Super Sour Space Candy

Miss White CBG

Gorilla Cake



Delta8 Sauce

CBG Sauce

Special Sauce Live Resin

Lifter Live resin

Otto II Live Resin

Sour Space Candy Live Resin

Wild Bourbon Live Resin

CBG Isolate

CBD Isolate



Dry Sift Hemp Kief Cherry Abacus

Dry Sift Hemp Kief Lifter

Dry Sift Hemp Kief Special Sauce



Kief Nugs

High-Melt CBD Dry Sift Hash



Blue Dream Vape Cartridge

Gelato Vape Cartridge

OG Kush Vape Cartridge

Girl Scout Cookies Vape Cartridge

NYC Diesel Vape Cartridge


Lifter Live Resin Vape Cart

Gorilla Cake Live Resin Vape Cart

Space Glue Live Resin Vape Cart

Sundae Driver Delta 8-THC-O Vape Cart

Mimosa Delta 8-THC-O Vape Cart

Lava Cake Delta 8-THC-O Vape Cart

Pre-Rolled Flower

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Honolulu Haze

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Special Sauce

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Amnesia Haze 

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Blueberry Pie

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Orange Kush

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Bubblegum

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Rise Up (High CBN)

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Bubba Kush

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Abacus Diesel

King Size 1 Gram Prerolled - Spec7

Hemp Blunts - Honolulu Haze

Hemp Blunts - Orange Kush

Hemp Blunts - Amnesia Haze

Hemp Blunts - Special Sauce

Hemp Blunts - Blueberry Pie

Hemp Blunts - Bubblegum

Hemp Blunts - Rise Up

Hemp Blunts - Bubba Kush

Honolulu Haze Kief Joint

Honolulu Haze Benji Cone

3 Pack Joints - Abacus Diesel

3 Pack Joints - Wedding Cake

3 Pack Joints - Blueberry Pie

Delta-8 Joints


Personal Care

Infused Patch: 60MG

CBD Lip Balm - 50mg

Portland Rose Full Spectrum CBD Lotion

CBD Massage Oil

Cedar Citrus CBD Balm

Lavender CBD Balm

Soothing Mint Balm



Delta-8 Gummies

CBD Gummies - Daytime

CBD Gummies- Nighttime with Melatonin

CBG Gummies

CBN Gummies

Delta-8 Belgian Chocolates

CBD Peppermint Tea

CBD Tulsi & Ashwagandha Tea

CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea

CBD Chamomile Tea

CBD Matcha Green Tea


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