CBD Hemp Delivery in Daytona Beach
& Central Florida

Delivering Hemp / CBD products throughout Volusia county same-day

Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach Shores
Holly Hill
New Smyrna Beach
Ormond Beach
Ponce Inlet
Port Orange
South Daytona

Focused on High Quality Hemp & CBD Products including:

Hemp Flower
Blunts & Joints
Moonrocks & Asteroids
Concentrate / Dabs
Vape Cartridges
CBD Oil /Tincture
Delta-8 Edibles
Delta-8 Vapes

Our Mission

We have a big mission. After witnessing the beneficial effects of hemp products with a family member, we knew these benefits should be available to every family. Hemp Hop was started after CBD capsules saved our CEO's father in 2014. His father has neurosarcoidosis and would have nerve pain, nausea and seizures. He sourced CBD capsules at his worst point when the inflammation was making him extremely swollen and the seizures were getting bad. Within 7 days of taking CBD capsules, his seizures slowed to a complete stop and soon after he got off of 6 different medications including a heart medication. All of his swelling has disappeared over the years and today he is a healthy, happy person.

We pride ourselves on providing the best of the best CBD products to those most in need. We started Hemp Hop as a delivery service to get these products straight to the door of people that benefit from CBD just like his father. We're happy to be of service to the great people of Central Florida, by delivering Hemp & CBD products direct to your door step, in as soon as under 1 hour!